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SafeLM? Video Laryngeal Mask

Laryngeal mask airway is a widely used airway management device during surgery. With innovative and patented design, SafeLM? Video Laryngeal Mask System assists doctors with efficient and accurate placement of laryngeal mask airway in various complicated airway situations and provides clear and full view of glottis during surgery, ensuring a much easier and safer airway management.

  • Entirely Visable
  • Angle Adjustable
  • Accurate Operation

About us

    Changsha Magill Medical Technology Co. Ltd (Magill Med, MGL) is a technology company focuses on innovation of medical devices in field of anesthesia, ICU care and infusion therapy. 

    We locate at OFA Scientific Park, High-Tech Zone of Changsha city in Hunan Province, China. Our 2000 m2 facility includes a research center and of and a cGMP-compliant factory. Magill Medical's R&D team members have years of experience at medical device development and multiple fruitful projects in the international market. 

    Since its foundation in 2016, Magill Med has been granted 9 Chinese and international patents, 2 Chinese medical device registration lisences, and 2 products in process of CE certifications application.


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Committed to Develop World Class Medical Devices

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